Annual Skills Testing

The end of the year is the perfect time to evaluate your employees industrial, maintenance, manufacturing, mechanical, and plant skills. By evaluating your employees skills you’ll know be able to assess an individual’s mastery of a particular subject or procedure. In an industrial, maintenance, mechanical, plant or manufacturing workplace, it’s important to know what your employees are capable of doing. Do they have skills you don’t know about or are they unfamiliar with a subject they should be knowledgeable in?

ITC Learning can provide effective yearly industrial, maintenance, manufacturing, mechanical, and plant skills testing for your employee. We have a 7000 question database of performance based questions and tools to evaluate your employees skills easily via the web. If we don’t carry an assessment test that you need, we can easily custom design one for staff. ITC Learning’s online skills assessment test will provide you with a report about your employee’s knowledge in the different subject areas.  Our online assessment skills tests allow us to create a targeted training plan for each of your employees.

For your mechanical maintenance employees, we can evaluate their valve repair skills, mechanical seals skills, hydraulic systems knowledge, and much more.

We know that it is only when an employee realize that they’re unfamiliar about certain subjects or procedures and that their performance has been lacking can they improve. By putting in place a yearly or bi-annual skills assessment, you’ll be able to assess your employee’s strengths and weaknesses. This will also make them more attuned to doing their jobs better. It’s wise to test your employees industrial, maintenance, manufacturing, mechanical, and plant skills; This strategy of empowerment has worked well for many Fortune 500 companies.