How Manufacturing Training Can April’s U.S. Industrial Production Gains Continue

April marked a much needed gain in U.S. factory output, greatly due to the rise in auto production. As a result of the more demanding market, many plants have increased hiring in an effort to help the economy to continue growing. The Federal Reserve reported a rise of 0.6 percent in April’s factory production, offering an almost even recovery from March’s 0.5 percent decline.

With auto plant production on the rise, approximately half of last month’s increase was shown in the 3.9 percent spike in automobile and parts production alone. This also marked the fifth consecutive month of expansion in auto factories as well as the largest gain since January of this year.

Aside from factory expansion, mine and utility plant output also increased last month. Industrial production as a whole jumped 1.1 percent in April.

Since the all-time low in June 2009, when the recession was said to have officially ended, factory production has grown overall by 18.3 percent.  This increase hints at a promising future for industrial hiring and ultimately industrial training.

Manufacturing training is an effective means of developing a talented and well-rounded workforce. Through the use of quality industrial skills training, plant managers can rest assured they have a capable staff on the plant floor. And, as production increases so do profits.

In 2011, a survey done by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute reported that nearly 67% of respondents noted there is in fact a moderate to severe shortage of qualified skilled workers in the current job market. This may present a problem as industrial jobs continue to go unfilled. However, by putting in place the right industrial training program this doubt could quickly turn around. The trick is to find the right industrial skills training program that offers accurate and relevant information in an easy to implement format. At ITC Learning, we offer online courseware, CD-ROM courses, and lessons via DVD as well as full motion video courseware to ensure your trainees receive the best quality training anywhere at any time. Call ITC learning today to find out how your plant can benefit from our courseware that was specifically designed to deliver the real time results you are looking for.