Industrial Training, The Right Way

Time and time again we attempt to express the growing importance of industrial training. However, often industrial training is hoped to be the remedy that will fix all skill set related issues among your workforce. In reality, that’s not the case. Often the real troubled areas are overlooked and as a result the potential of successful industrial training diminishes. Manufacturers invest both time and money in selecting and implementing the right industrial training for their staff. But, without first assessing the skills gap in their current workforce, a lot of that time and money may be wasted.

While any training is probably better than none, putting useless industrial training into place is the main reason efforts fail to deliver the intended results. To ensure your industrial training tactics will be beneficial, consider your training to be an endless cycle: evaluate, train, apply, and repeat.

Evaluating your workforce’s current skill sets is perhaps the most important primary step of all. You want to be sure you focus your industrial training efforts on the skills gap that currently exists within your staff and avoid training them on skills they have already mastered.

Secondly, you should make sure your training courseware-whether it be online courseware or even full motion video courseware- is customizable. Once you’ve assessed your staff’s current skill sets you want to be sure the training content is tailored to fit both your organizational needs and their personal skill set needs.

During the course of training, application of the newly learned skills is critical to success. Text book learning is often effective for most adult learners, however by setting up mock work stations or assigning small internal tasks that encourage the application of the learned material in a controlled environment you can greatly enhance the probability of retention.

Finally, you’ll want to be sure you reevaluate your industrial staff’s job skills at a later date to ensure the initial training was effective and to see what other industrial skills sets need to be addressed. Ultimately, to increase output with an efficient and effective workforce they must utilize the proper skills on your plant floor. Contact ITC Learning today to learn more about implementing industrial training courseware which aims to maximize your return on investment.