Industrial Training Enhances Employee Engagement

It seems evident enough that engaged employees are more likely to work harder, be more loyal and exude greater passion towards their job and the business they work for. This holds true in the industrial fields along with all other business types. In fact, a 2011 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management reported that nearly 70% of HR professionals agreed that engagement is one of the top human resource challenges.

It is no surprise that disengaged employees are less efficient and that they cost not only the company they work for money but also negatively affect the U.S. economy. In 2008 Gallup Consulting did a study which concluded that disengaged workers costs the U.S. approximately $300 billion in diminished productivity.

Employee engagement is nothing new and encouraging involvement beyond the minimum required has long been a topic when it comes to industrial training. The point of implementing industrial training goes beyond immediate benefits, which include creating a more efficient worker to maximize output and profits. Industrial skills training also help illustrate the value of each position on your plant floor. Employees should see and know that their job is not only critical to the success of production but also that their effort is valued. By providing industrial training skills to employees in an effort to supplement their current knowledge base you will prove that your business cares about who is working for them and how they are performing.

Your workforce is most likely to perform best when they are given positive incentives. Employees will increase performance when manufacturing managers offer rewards that both parties value. These incentives can include industrial training, pay, and benefits. Performance management is the best way to determine if your industrial workforce is properly doing their job and is fully engaged as well as where and when industrial skills training needs to be put in place.

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