Preparing for an Industrial Future

The manufacturing industry has long been a challenging and innovative field. The resulting products of the industry have shaped our technology and in many ways the way that our society functions. But now, as baby boomers begin to retire and the next generation is forced to step to the plate the turnout seems a bit scarce. So, who’s to blame? Manufacturers of course. It is the responsibility of industrial leaders to keep our youth interested in the trade and ignite interest in learning more. So the question remains, how do we do this? Karin Linder, the founder of Karico Performance Solutions, discusses some options in her article, Addressing the Skilled Trade Shortage, which include school field trips to plants, industry leaders presenting the advantages in schools and answering student questions as well as promoting apprenticeship programs and internships within local factories. She notes that motivating our youth to continue the learning process after schooling and well into their careers is a critical step in staying ahead in the game. By keeping both young professionals and their parents interested in the manufacturing industry and by communicating the importance of its future, the new manufacturing era will hopefully be made up of a team of talented young leaders.

Linder is currently developing a partnership with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in an effort to create a Youth Award that will increase awareness all around from within the industry, to in schools, colleges and universities and ultimately within society as a whole. The idea is to spark passion in the manufacturing community and remind our leaders that only we can keep our youth involved and eager to learn more. To read Linder’s full article, click here.

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