Industrial Training is the Key

The industrial manufacturing industry employs nearly 13.8 million people. With such an immense workforce, an untrained employee can cost a plant millions of dollars whether it is through accidents or inefficiency. Providing an industrial workforce with the proper industrial training is not only an expense but also an investment of resources such as time and money that can potentially either make or break a plants success.

During a recent inspection of a dental products factory in Newark, NJ, the FDA was forced to order them to discontinue production until they can verify that their dental implants meet federal standards. Cases like these serve as evidence that industrial training is an essential element to operating a safe and efficient plant. Workers deal with heavy machinery and electrical currents on a daily basis, making safety and maintenance training equally as important as industrial skills training.

With the economy on the rise and manufacturers once again confident in hiring, industrial training is a must for the safety of your business and your workforce’s wellbeing. Since the beginning of the OSHA in the 1970’s, safe practices within factories have been measured by the rate of failure. However, lowering a recordable rate is not the most effective strategy to making your plant floor a safer place. Your safety program should address everything from leadership to key industrial training skills. The idea is to target not the rate of failure but instead the issues that impact that rate. Quality industrial training is the perfect way to boost leadership and enhance industrial skills in an effort to lower the chances of accidents and/or simple mistakes happening on your plant floor.

ITC Learning is dedicated to offering your business a seamless learning experience for all your trainees, no matter what industrial skills you plan to focus on. Our SCORM based software allows our online courseware to be accessed and saved from any location. We also offer CD and DVD courseware, allowing you to train anyone just about anywhere. Our courseware is interactive and utilizes graphics, audio and animation to engage users and offer the most accurate content available. Contact us today to learn more.

Image courtesy of & David Castillo Dominici