South Korea’s Samsung Group to Create Thousands of Industrial Jobs

On Tuesday the Samsung Group, an electronics firm headquartered in South Korea, announced they will invest upwards of 47.8 trillion won, which translates to approximately 41.56 billion U.S. dollars, in expansion. They plan to spend this year which will prompt them to hire nearly 26,000 new employees. The electronics conglomerate has proposed to largely invest funds in their new business segment. The group is made up of 66 affiliates which range from electronics to insurance and even finance. In South Korea, the top 30 business groups vowed to invest a collective 151.4 trillion won in 2012 and hire nearly 123,000 new workers.

With new plants come new responsibilities and in many cases new hires as well. All plant developers, owners and managers want their new beginning to run smoothly and profitably. So, in an effort to meet that goal, employing a properly trained workforce can help. Over the years technology has greatly affected process monitoring, control and industrial automation which has in turn helped improve productivity. This is precisely why control training and process training are critical when it comes to educating a new staff. Same goes for hydraulic training, pump training and boiler training.

Since all aspects of the manufacturing industry are constantly changing, we recommend keeping your employees up to date on the newest industrial advances and procedures. Online training courseware, like ITC Learning’s, can make training new employees and re-training your existing staff simple and affordable. Our online courseware was built following the SCORM standards so that we could provide our clients with the most user friendly industrial courseware that could be accessed from anywhere. Not only has SCORM allowed us to offer easily accessible online courseware but it also permits us to deliver courses that are easy to track and update, so you can see the progression of your trainees. Contact ITC Learning today to learn more.

Image courtesy of & Surachai