How Plants can Create the Perfect Industrial Employee

With the economy seemingly inching towards recovery, manufacturing managers seem to be more confident in posting more job positions. However, as we discussed previously, filling these positions with skilled workers has proven to be a difficult task. Many prospective hires are in fact hard working individuals eager to work. But often they lacked the essential skills necessary to work effectively and efficiently in a plant. So, how can manufacturers ensure their new hires are properly trained and suited for the position?

More than often new hires have had some form of manufacturing experience, but their skills may not be specific to the job you hired them for. Industrial training is a sure way to know your employees are trained for the job they do every day. By implementing the industrial skills training necessary for your employees to perform their jobs well, you’ll discover you can mold the perfect employee. Instead of waiting around for someone else to produce the knowledgeable employee you’re searching for take the opportunity to create the worker your company needs. In 2009 it was reported that employers spent approximately $126 billion on employee training and development. Numbers like this prove that developing the skills of industrial employees is something worth investing in.

Through the use of online industrial training, like ITC Learning’s, you present your plant with the opportunity to tailor online courseware and develop homegrown talent and avoid having to wait around for the right employee to find you. Industrial skills training programs that utilize SCORM based software and full motion video courseware provide trainees with the critical knowledge and functions of their jobs that they would likely have not learned through conventional training on the plant floor. When new hires are trained solely on the floor, trainers often skip steps because they’ve run through the process so often they simply forget to relay every detail. However, in online manufacturing training trainees are taught processes and methods step by step so that nothing is left out. Online industrial training also allows employees to understand how the machines they work with operate and why processes are done a certain way so they can properly troubleshoot any situation that may arise without having to ask someone else for assistance.

Ultimately, industrial training is an effective way to properly train your workers for the job they were hired to do. With ITC Learning’s online courseware you can track the progress of your employees and tailor each course to suit your plant’s specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.