5 Tips to Succeed in Online Courseware

By choosing ITC’s engaging online courseware to train new and existing employees, you are offering your staff the opportunity to expand their industrial skills knowledge. At ITC, we believe it is important to make sure our adult learners succeed every step of the way. To ensure your trainees have the potential to perform well, we’ve provided you with some helpful tips to share in order to aid them in achieving the best possible scores when it comes to e-learning.

1. Create a Personal Calendar

Time management is one of the most important skills to master as an online student. Setting up a personal calendar that is readily accessible will help you keep track of deadlines and test dates. Include your personal obligations in your calendar so you know exactly how much time you have to sit down in front of your computer and truly focus. Many students use the calendars provided to them on their cell phones or on their computers as an easy to use and handy reference.

2. Seclude Yourself

As an adult learner we understand your online courseware is not the only item on your agenda, which is why it is important to seclude yourself in a quiet and comfortable area while reading, studying or working on your ITC courseware. Whether you are at home or in the office, by secluding yourself you are able to focus all of your attention on the task at hand.

3. Take Notes

ITC provides lessons for each industrial skills training program. Although the material is already provided to you in a simplified format, it will greatly benefit you to take additional notes. Taking notes will help you remember items you deem important and serve as a personalized reference for later use.

4. Ask Questions

Although our e-learning courses are not set up like traditional lectures, ITC professionals are always available to answer your questions. Your supervisors are also available to you for explanations and demonstrations. By asking questions, your supervisors will see you are eager to learn and fully understand the courseware.

5. Be Self-Disciplined, Self-Motivating and Self-Reliant

To succeed in any e-learning environment you must be self-disciplined. You are in charge of your own time and how you manage it will either help you or hurt you. You must also be able to motivate yourself. You are your own cheerleader and as long as you are driven to do well, you will. Lastly, you must rely solely on yourself. Since you are not in a conventional classroom setting with teachers to enforce deadlines, you must depend on your ability to balance your time and encourage yourself in order to perform your best in our skills training courseware.