Features of Full Motion Video Courseware

ITC Learning’s custom designed training courseware offers several advantages over the traditional classroom approach to learning, one of them being full motion video courseware. Full motion video courseware is one of the best ways to educate your employees because it’s easy to operate, understand, and retain.

Browse our catalog for a variety of full motion video courseware topics, such as air conditioning and refrigeration, equipment operation, hydraulic systems, maintenance management, mechanical drive maintenance, mechanical maintenance fundamentals, mechanical troubleshooting, piping and valve maintenance, pump and compressor maintenance, statistical process control, electrical safety, and other mechanical maintenance subjects.

Watching full motion video courseware is much more engaging than reading handbooks or manuals; therefore it is better retained and implemented in the workplace. Because of the full motion visuals, there is little room for confusion when training your employees because they can actually see how a process or procedure is carried out.

Adding full motion video courseware to your training repertoire will not only ensure that your employees are effectively absorbing their training materials, but interest and engage them in the material as well. Call ITC Learning today to decide which full motional video courseware topics are most relevant to your business, and from there design your full industrial skills training curriculum.