Crane Safety

Cranes serve as an integral part of an industrial fleet of machinery. However, if not inspected and used properly by a trained and experienced professional, cranes can post huge risks to the operators and the workers around them.

Follow these helpful safety tips before operating a crane and be sure to properly train and retrain your employees with comprehensible and easy to use SCORM compliant e-Learning courseware from ITC Learning.

• During assembly or disassemble, it is important to never unlock or remove pins unless all sections are stable and blocked. Always ensure that the crane is on a stable level and surface.
• Be aware of any overhead electric power lines and keep the crane at least 10 feet away from the lines.
• Always use the correct load chart for the crane’s current configuration, the lift path, and the load weight. Never exceed the load chart capacity.
• Inspect rigging prior to use and test brake systems.
• Never move loads over workers or other people in the work zone.
• Read all manuals and follow signals while operating the crane.
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