Tailored Courseware from ITC Learning

Here at ITC Learning, we are the experts at developing industrial training. We cover all the bases, from maintenance training, manufacturing training, plant training, and mechanical training. We handle all of our clients on a case-by-case basis, evaluating your company, the equipment that you use, and the products your manufacture. From there, we will help create training materials that will help your employees work to their best abilities, provide your company with better output, and keep them up-to-date and refreshed with relevant retraining material.

Our training materials include both SCORM compliant e-learning courseware and supplemental books to ensure your employees are receiving the best, most well-rounded training. Our e-learning software engages your employees by incorporating video, audio, and testing mechanisms. Our software allows for training progress monitoring, is easy to use, and easy to update.

We can design from a single training program, or incorporate and entire curriculum of training for your company tailored exactly to your needs. Our software will organize your procedures and processes into comprehensible material that your employees will understand and retain. Ensure that your employees are meeting their training objectives with ITC Learning’s customized courseware.