The Benefits of E-Learning

Web-based e-learning has dramatically increased in popularity during recent years due to the many benefits it has over traditional classroom training. For one, it’s more cost-efficient because it’s produced inexpensively and prevents employees from spending time away from work. Because of its convenient accessibility, e-learning can easily fit into your employees’ busy schedules. Trainees can work at their own pace, which is most likely to be faster than if they were training in a traditional classroom.

The content of e-learning is retained better than traditional courses because of the different elements incorporated into web-based courses. Interactive quizzes, videos, and audio break up the tedium of refresher courses and engage the trainees’ attention. Web-based courses are organized in a comprehensible structure and are easily navigated, allowing students to skip over material they know and focus on material that needs more work.

E-learning is designed to not only be beneficial to students, but to the managers implementing the training. E-learning courses are easily managed and are able to be updated quickly; ensuring trainees receive the most relevant, up-to-date material. A large group of students can be easily monitored, allowing managers to assess what areas need more training. E-learning provides immediate feedback, which helps students to make changes where it is necessary in order to correctly interpret information and move on to the next course.

At ITC Learning, our mission is to connect people to knowledge through relevant, instructionally sound, easy to use, and engaging e-learning software. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of incorporating web-based e-learning into your employee training.