Safety Training for Hazardous Materials and Industrial Equipment

In an industrial setting any job can be dangerous especially when working around hazardous materials and heavy equipment. Before your employees are given their duties, they should first be given safety training to ensure their own safety and that of their co-workers.

ITC Learning’s Regulatory Compliance Series offers training in all the safety skills your employees will need.  Our training skills courses are designed to educate your employees about what rules must be followed at all times, what must be done if the rules are broken and what consequences may follow for breaking them.

Accidents happen for a number of reasons, but using the wrong procedures to handle hazardous waste or using the wrong equipment to handle certain jobs could explain why your machine doesn’t work properly, resulting in unnecessary accidents.  For instance, forcing a forklift to do every job can result in a lost in productivity and unnecessary wear and tear on the machine leading to frequent maintenance and downtime. We understand accidents happen, but with the right training skills this can be minimized.

Educating your employees about the safety skills and the right usage techniques should be a number one concern for manufacturing managers. Safety training is an excellent way to reduce the number of accidents and the expense that comes with it. By conducting regular safety assessments, audits and other safety training, this will remind your employees to remain vigilant.

Training for New Equipment

New equipment is an important factor in keeping your manufacturing firm efficient and competitive in the marketplace, but providing the necessary training skills is critical to the upgrade process. OSHA Standards should be met at all times, and ITC Learning’s safety training courses offer an excellent way to meet their regulations.