How important are air compressor repair and maintenance training?

Air compressors are among the more important tools for your business, making air compressor repair and maintenance training worth investing in.

Would you ever consider running an auto repair business out of a truck? It’s not the first place to start, but it is possible. Branden Riggs started his company, Highway Auto Repair, with a truck, some tools and an air compressor. While Riggs noted he would’ve been able to operate without the air compressor, it certainly made things easier, allowing him to move effortlessly along Casa Grande roads and sometimes the freeway, helping broken down motorists.

Riggs has found a new home now, in downtown Casa Grande. Would it have been possible without an air compressor? Probably. But it would’ve come with a little more sweat. Not to mention, spare tires were always flat and Riggs said he needed something to fill them up. It all adds up, and now he and business partner Daniel Barnes are excited about the new digs.

“We have plenty of room to do what we want to do, and we have plenty of room to grow,” Riggs said. The new shop also includes 12 pneumatic hose slots, just waiting to be filled with air compressors, and inevitably, the two will be prime candidates for air compressor repair and maintenance training.

Why air compressor repair and maintenance training?

Barnes’ story may not be the same, but for industrial employers, they have long recognized air compressors as a must-have. There is an immediate ROI for air compressor repair and maintenance training, especially when the pneumatic giant can get an otherwise derailed assembly line back on track or a forklift with a bad wheel moving pallets at light speed.

As we discussed in our “Air Compressor Maintenance” post a couple of months ago, this mechanical component is sometimes critical to the industrial manufacturing operation. Unfortunately, even the most maintained air compressors suffer the elements and need to be fixed. ITC Learning offers a comprehensive two-part course in air compressor repair and maintenance training.

Air Compressor Repair: A two-part course

ITC Learning’s Activ® interactive multimedia training offers a two-lesson mechanical training CD set, giving participants the knowledge to understand, disassemble, inspect, troubleshoot and repair reciprocating air compressors.

Class One: Reciprocating Compressors: Principles and Troubleshooting

The main objective of this course is to inform and teach participants to troubleshoot and execute the most common air compressor repairs.

Class Two: Reciprocating Compressors: Disassembly, Inspection, & Repair

The second CD is a more comprehensive look at air compressor repairs, including disassembly, inspection, clean and repair.