Training for Simple Mechanical Skills

Hand tools are commonly used in everyday life by everyone. We use them to change a flat tire, repair the sink drain, and put the bookcase together. But this doesn’t mean that your employees don’t require mechanical skills training. Some of the hand tools used by mechanics in an industrial setting are used in a different capacity and are even held differently. A few of the topics covered by ITC Learning’s mechanical training courses include clamps, vises, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and mallets.

Even though many of your new and current employees might feel they don’t require mechanical training, they will be pleasantly surprised about how differently hand tools are used in a manufacturing facility or plant. While a screwdriver and a wench can be used for many jobs, in a manufacturing plant not just any hand tool will do. You don’t want your employee to use the wrong tools resulting in costly repairs to your equipment. With our mechanical training courses in place, your employees will learn how to properly hold the tool, choose the correct tool for the job, inspect the tool for damage, ensure the tool is in good working order, and follow safety procedures. Once your employees are fully trained, you can count on them to use these hand tools without worrying that they will damage your more precious equipment. Training for simple mechanical skills is a wise way to ensure that your employees know how to accurately do their jobs.