Always Learning

The other day at Starbucks, I overheard a man ranting to his friend about having to attend a training class at his new company. He didn’t understand why this was being required of him since he has over six years experience in the field. As I waited in line for my coffee, his friend reminded him that he shouldn’t be so sure that he already knows everything and he could actually learn something new. This conversation reminded me that regardless of the industry providing training to experienced employees is still important. It can help them to learn about the people, their work responsibilities and familiarizes them with how things are done at the company.

Although not all positions in an organization require a fresher course. Some positions, especially certain jobs in a manufacturing industry, demand experienced hires to learn how that company operates and their work practices. Many newly hired manufacturing employees will prefer to start right away because they feel their experience and knowledge are sufficient to do the job. But every company as its own set of standard practices that determines how employee should do their job.

Not adopting to a company’s style of work can lead to conflicts and lack of motivation causing the employee’s performance to suffer. It’s always good to have a manufacturing training program in place that orientates the new employees with the work practices, the equipment and the operation procedures. Despite having the required experience, training employees for their new position will help them to perform better in their new role.

ITC Learning offers flexible manufacturing training classes that can be done via web, DVD/Video or CD-ROM. In addition, we can custom design a class to fit the company’s training needs. With training classes in place, your company can continue to increase efficiency, reduce employee turnover and encourage employees to utilize their advance technical knowledge to increase productivity.