Developing your industrial managers training skills

Training skilled employees starts with training the manager or supervisor. Before you select a manager to train your industrial and manufacturing employees, you should identify if they have

the ability to teach others, strong facilitation skills, and patience. But the most important characteristic is that the selected trainer should be knowledgeable about the subject they will be teaching. This is important because they’re the ones in charge of administering the training program. Whether you’re a manufacturing, industrial or maintenance company, ITC Learning’s training program will effectively train your trainers.

Our training courses are designed to educate managers about:

  • The training process
  • How to assess the students skills and attitudes
  • How to plan for effective training
  • How to facilitate learning
  • Methods for teaching information and skills
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of the course
  • And many other skills

Whether you need to train inexperienced trainers or professionals, our curriculum will teach your managers how to motivate and assist your industrial and manufacturing employees to become better workers. Our train the trainer program has been developed with the industrial manager and worker in mind. One of the best parts about training your manufacturing, industrial or maintenance manager is that they can improve their skills by completing our 14 videotapes/DVD’s training series. Our train the trainer program is an affordable way to develop your managerial staff’s skills.