Developing your employees maintenance and industrial skills

Companies that need to develop or improve their employee’s industrial maintenance training knowledge are often unsure of where to start. Well, ITC Learning has the answer to that question. Our online skills based assessment tools will evaluate your employee’s skills to accurately identify the areas that need to be improved or refreshed. This is a simple and easy process. The online skills based assessment will provide each of your employees with an individualized maintenance training and industrial training curriculum focused on mechanical and electrical maintenance. ITC can provide the assessment for one or several employees, a department, or your entire company.

We have developed a maintenance training and industrial training program delivered via multiple methods; CD-ROM, DVD/Video and/or online classes. As the manager, you have the ability to set the pace of the course and you decide when to and where to utilize our course materials. Each lesson in the maintenance training and industrial training skills courses will provide educational information, real life examples, eye-catching graphics, quizzes and interactive media to make the learning process interesting and effective. For instance, the Distributed Control series in our Mechanical Maintenance training program is an eight part lesson that trains participants about maintaining:

  • Distributed Control Fundamentals
  • Maintaining Distributed Control Systems
  • Electronic Maintenance
  • Pressure and Temperature Transmitters
  • Flow Transmitters
  • Level and Weight Transmitters
  • Transducers, Recorders, and Annunciators
  • Electronic Controllers

After completing our program, your maintenance personnel and plant managers will be equipped to handle and solve all forms of maintenance and industrial issues. ITC Learning’s training courses are designed to help you create a competent, qualified and efficient workforce.