When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.
 (Ben Franklin)

 “The greatest obstacle to necessary change is a reluctance to modify or abandon procedures that have become familiar and comforting. But a flexible, agile organization has no choice but to change in the face of reality.”  (‘Outgrowing the Old’ by Laura Stack, TLNT, The Business of HR) 

So, what force separates the organizational winners from the losers?

Since the beginning of time, it has been those who have learned to adapt to change who have prospered.

A successful organization needs managers and planners who can see the potential of the changes taking place around the organization — and, then, be able to utilize that potential for meeting company goals. 

And, a successful company needs skilled employees at many levels to implement change, operate new technologies, and keep systems operating. 

There is no longer a question of whether to train.  Today, the question is how to provide training that is both effective and efficient.  And, all the answers point toward the use of multi-sensory e-learning (rooted in full-motion video, sophisticated graphic animations and optional word-for-word audio) as the centerpiece in effective instruction.

Training should be results-oriented.  It starts with a company’s goals and works through the organization to define and construct a system that delivers the desired outcomes. 

Selecting a quality training program requires both a familiarity with content and an understanding of how to successfully communicate that content to a workforce that has grown up in a media-based learning culture.  If it’s not multi-sensory based, you’re missing the window of opportunity. 

What works now is dramatically different than what most of us encountered when we began our own education many years ago. 

You need to stay alert.  A failure to recognize change and/or a failure to successfully adapt to change can be an organization’s undoing.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.
(Albert Einstein)

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       — Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning

           February 15, 2017

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