Today, with the help of e-Learning authoring programs, most custom courseware production is done in-house.  In terms of the structural needs required, that solution works fairly well.

However, the video and animated graphics required may cause you to look out-of-house for a solution if, for no other reason, your target audience expects professional visual components in the training they are asked to take.

What should you look for in such a custom producing organization?

To begin, you should select a producing organization that has a long track record of producing similar multiple-media training programs for their customers.  And, they should be able to demonstrate to you similar custom programs for your analysis.

Secondly, you are looking for a custom vendor that specializes in adult education – an organization that realizes what it takes to motivate and train adults in their own simulated environment.  And, above all, a vendor that realizes that media training is ultra important to the 40% of the American workforce that does not assimilate anything written above a 4th grade reading level.

You’re also looking for a vendor that is fully capable of determining what training needs can best be visually addressed by video and sophisticated graphic animations.

That vendor should also understand training as a just-in-time resource that can be used efficiently whenever and wherever it is needed — even after the initial instruction has taken place. 

It, therefore, becomes important that the specific visual pieces present can be accessed quickly and easily on-the-job when actual work procedures are required.

If you pick the right custom partner you should, then, be able to provide your workforce not only the initial training but, equally importantly, the just-in-time training resource they’ll need when working on the shop floor.

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      — Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning

      February 13, 2017

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