October 21, 2015

What qualities make up an ideal training vendor?

There are vendors-of-excellence in Safety Training, HR Training, Microsoft Office Training, Simulations, Custom Production, Industrial Skills Training and many other subject areas.

The vendors that will serve you well are dedicated to providing total training solutions within their particular area of expertise.

The better ones will have specific solutions for your training needs, whether your challenge requires training management expertise; training program design or implementation; custom applications; off-the-shelf applications; or an overall strategy to incorporate performance-based training and its measurable rewards into the corporate culture.

They know the value of performance-based learning.

They understand the critical links between significant objectives, proper training design and implementation, improved performance, and return on investment.

Their training solutions achieve the projected results and, thus, you can return to those vendors time and time again to develop additional strategies for dealing with restructuring, downsizing, functional illiteracy, an aging workforce, and/or the implementation of new technologies in the workplace.

Their solutions are “user-friendly.”

Their commitment to their customers is two-fold: strong customer assurance and quality training solutions.

They believe that customer relationships are built through attention to detail, kept promises, and access to their professional staff.

Their relationship with you does not end when they’ve delivered their solution. Customer assurance is their cornerstone.

Sound like a litany of “too good to be true?”

It shouldn’t!

These ideal raining vendors are out there! You can find them with a little research.

They will be your “smaller” vendors, specializing in a specific area of training need.

They will not be your large training conglomerates, offering training in multiple subject areas. Those organizations are almost exclusively centered on profitability and stock performance, leaving little room to focus on your specific needs.

On-line catalogs with their typical puffery plus the empty boasting on myriad websites will tell you little. Find the companies who are customer focused – and, truly practice it.

“Talking the Talk” is easy. “Walking the Walk” is the key. Find a partner-provider you can walk with!

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— Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning (Mondays & Wednesdays)