Could Renewable Energy be a Good Source for Industrial Jobs?

On Tuesday the Obama administration approved onshore solar and wind farms in the West and pressed for off shore wind power in the Atlantic Ocean, in an attempt to increase renewable energy on each coast. The Interior department approved 300-megawatt solar farm to be placed on public land in Arizona as well as a 200-megawatt wind farm to be located in Southern California. The farms are the 24th and 25th renewable energy projects to be approved for placement on public land within the past two years. The two farms are expected to produce the amount of clean energy equivalent to that of 18 coal fired power plants. Currently developing Arizona’s Sonoran Solar Energy Project is NextEra Energy Resources from Florida. The solar energy farm aims to produce enough energy to power upwards of 90,000 homes.  Iberdrola Renewables, a Spanish based energy company, is heading the Tule Wind Project in California which hopes to produce enough electricity to power approximately 65,000 homes.

Last year, Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar sanctioned the Cape Wind project located in Massachusetts. The project was reviewed federally for several years before being approved and allowing the first offshore wind farm to be built.

Salazar stated on Tuesday they are also moving forward with a massive transmission project that plans to transmit wind energy produced offshore from Virginia to New Jersey. The project would require the construction of high voltage transmission lines along the Atlantic Coast.

Over the years the wind industry has faced some setbacks. Including the failure of Congress to extend a production tax credit and a cash grant program, that has helped advance the industry’s growth in the past. The American Wind Energy Association led a study that found that should Congress not renew the tax credit, almost 37,000 U.S. jobs could potentially be lost.

However, with the two new renewable energy farm projects underway the hope it that they will create U.S. jobs within the industry. And with projects starting fresh, employers have the opportunity to train a well-rounded industrial workforce. ITC Learning offers just that, the materials you need in an easy and accessible format that will enhance the industrial skill sets of your staff as well as ensure the success of your industrial business. With ITC Learning’s online training courseware, content is user friendly and the progress of your trainees can easily be tracked. Contact ITC Learning today to find out how our SCORM based online training courseware can help boost your output.

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