Skilled Workers Wanted for Hire

Industry surveys show that 86% of Americans agree manufacturing is important to their standard of living. 79% are reported saying, a strong manufacturing base should be a top national priority. While many say that if they could create 1,000 jobs in their community, manufacturing would be at the top of their list, only 33% said they could encourage their children to pursue a career in manufacturing.

Americans seem to understand the importance of manufacturing jobs, however they want them for someone other than themselves. As the industry evolves, the most important factor that will contribute to industrial success will be employing a highly educated and extremely skilled workforce. To do so employees must be properly trained using quality training courseware.

In recent surveys, manufacturing companies have revealed that nearly 5% of current jobs are unfilled due to the lack of qualified skilled workers. These unfilled jobs are generally in the fields of operators, machinists, craft workers and technicians. And with more and more Baby Boomers reaching the age of retirement, the next generation will need to be properly trained for these specialized skills.

ITC Learning offers a refreshing approach to training industrial employees through the use of interactive online training courseware as well as full motion video courseware. Our industrial training courseware is designed to enhance industrial skills in current and future employees. We offer SCORM compliant skills training for a variety of trades including, control training, process training, boiler training, pump training, hydraulic training and much more. Investing in superior training courseware will greatly benefit your business and maximize your ROI. ITC Learning is dedicated to providing quality training for essential industrial skills. With the right courseware you can increase productivity, ensure safety and optimize the quality of work. Because our online courseware is SCORM compliant you can remain confident your employees will be able to easily access content across multiple platforms and managers will be able to modify modules in order to customize online courseware depending on individual and organizational needs. Contact us today to find out how ITC Learning can help properly train your employees as well as the next generation of industrial workers.