Avoiding the Dangers of an Air Compressor

Air compressors, if not properly handled, can pose serious danger. Improper use and maintenance creates risky circumstances for an air compressor to operate. Maintenance should only be performed by a trained air compressor repair technician. Follow these helpful tips below to avoid the dangers of operating an air compressor:

Because of the large amount of air being pressurized into the vessel, there is a possibility of too much pressure, leading the container to rupture and explode. Be sure to check the pressure gauge and read the warning labels.

Several parts of the device may become ignitable when exposed to heat or open flame. Ensure that your air compressor is not operating near other devices that produce dangerous amounts of heat.

Oil leak
Because many air compressors run off oil to ensure the device runs smoothly, an oil leak can occur and pose a huge risk if not detected. A large explosion could erupt if a leaky compressor is used where open flame is present. Be sure to properly inspect the compressor to be sure no oil is leaking, and hire an air compressor repair technician if a leak is detected. Keeping water out of the tank is important as well, as it too can cause an explosion under large amounts of pressure.