Training to maintain proper lubrication

Without proper lubrication, the wear and tear on your car will significantly reduce its lifespan. In an industrial setting, lubrication is the first defense against equipment failure. Although industrial mechanics should have all the skills to perform industrial lubrication not all of them are fully trained in this area. However, with ITC Learning’s industrial lubrication training skills program which is designed for training oilers, mechanics and millwrights about their role in providing effective lubrication and equipment maintenance.

Why industrial lubrication training?

Industrial lubrication is critical to the equipment maintenance process because it reduces component wear, diminishes lubricant consumption and improves performance and equipment life. Without lubrication process training, there’s likely to be issues with over or under lubrication, ill-timed or sporadic application and the possible introduction of harmful contaminants.

ITC Learning’s lubrication training skills program provides training in centralized lubrication so every bearing receives the proper dose of lubricant and how to perform a check on a natural feed lubrication system. Proper lubrication is not only about the right amount-at the right time-at the right place, it is also about keeping lubricants clean, cool and properly identified.

 A few of the other topics covered by ITC Learning’s lubrication training skills course includes learning to know and understand the difference between a natural feed and forced feed lubrication systems as well as know how to how to clean a filter.

When to change lubricants?

Your employees will also learn about how to determine the machines condition, how to choose the right lubricant and when to change the lubricant. If a maintenance log is kept, you can check this to see the last time maintenance was performed. If the machine has run longer than the allotted time, look for potential damage from non-viscous oil or excessive wear on drive parts.

For a complete and proper lubrication program to work effectively and provide the most return on investment, all your employees who will be responsible for lubrication maintenance should undergo this type of training program.

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