Maintenance Training–Equipment Vibration Analysis

If you look closely, you can find a pattern in anything. There’s a pattern in the fabrics of our life to how we dress and the behavior of our dogs. In vibration analysis, understanding and interpreting the patterns is essential to determining its mechanical condition. A single reading can provide all the useful information you need to understand the machine. Employees that know how to use vibration analysis to find problems are one of the backbones of process and manufacturing facilities. This skill is essential for your maintenance professionals to have. Without it you can expect machine failure resulting in a high replacement cost.

ITC Learning’s vibration analysis maintenance training courses are designed to provide employees with the ability to determine the velocity and displacement, to use a vibration analyzer, and interpret various vibration patterns. By providing your employees with the maintenance training they need to become better vibration analyzers, you won’t have to replace your machines as often and you’ll save money. By doing this you’ll be able to prolong the life of your rotating equipment.

A few of the benefits of ITC Learning’s vibration analysis maintenance training courses include:
• The ability to detect lubrication and bearing problems early
• Identify misalignment problems before damages occur
• Improve equipment productivity
• The potential to save thousands of dollars through efficient and non-disruptive production

By knowing the state of your equipment your employees will be able to detect common problems such as misalignment, bearing wear, resonances, and broken or loose parts which can be key indicators of the state of a particular machine. This versatile technology is a cost-effective way to maintain your industrial equipment and increasing the efficiency of your employees. Proper maintenance training is always a benefit to your employees as well as your company.