Maintenance Training Equals Plant Safety

We don’t always react the right way or the way we’re expected to in life. But in a plant setting reacting without thinking can be a dangerous thing. For instance, when a machine begins to perform erratically, the operator might become frustrated and reach in to remove the obstructing material. But, this reaction may cause the operator to physically injury himself. By not adequately training your maintenance employees and technicians you’re only allowing similar situations to happen in the future.

So what do you choose? Do you provide maintenance training for your employees now or do you wait until something bad happens before you react? This is a challenge that many manufacturing companies face every day.

Consider that most accidents don’t occur when things are running smoothly and the equipment is operating at maximum efficiency. That’s because maintenance and reliability is one of the greatest drivers of productivity and safety. An effective maintenance training program is important for your plant. ITC Learning provides self-paced training programs that allow the individual to learn without fear of falling behind their classmates.

When a minor issue or machine failure occurs, your employees training will allow them to effectively fix the problem. Spending less on maintenance training can allow minor problems to become worse and spiral out of control. For instance, untrained operators may leave leaking pipes unfixed because they don’t know how to fix them, leading to slip and falls. Maintenance training does foster safety.