What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing?

Many people fear change, but sometimes the cost of maintaining the status quo is too high. Often, we would rather do nothing than upset the balance. It’s even become a default solution. But in a manufacturing plant, doing nothing can be detrimental to both the equipment and the facility as a whole. Yet in many plants, you can often see the cost of doing nothing many times throughout the day.

For instance, when a manager overlooks that the operator did not clean up the machine well or failed to notice that the mechanic has not repaired the leaking pump, this only increases the cost of doing nothing. Plus, when a manager has a new employee shadow another employee who doesn’t have adequate manufacturing training themselves, this will only lead to more problems. When people are afraid to change their current manufacturing training program then the results will remain the same.

Each time actions are omitted or executed poorly, the cost of doing nothing will increase drastically and your company’s productivity will decrease. When it would only have cost several hundred dollars to repair the machine, it now will cost several thousand dollars instead.

So before deciding to do nothing and just wait and see, you should try calculating the cost of not providing accurate manufacturing training to your employees and the cost of leaving small problems to fester. Although this is a common problem at many industrial plants in the U.S., it doesn’t have to be. Manufacturing training is the answer! By utilizing ITC Learning’s manufacturing training curriculum, your employees will be trained to find and fix problems before they escalate into major issues. Remember, the cost of doing nothing can be very expensive.