Electrical Safety Training

In the industrial field, electrical safety training is just as important as plant safety. Equipments that are safe under normal working conditions can be unsafe when they’re not working properly. Any employee assigned to task associated with electrical energy should be qualified and trained to perform the job. Employees assigned to work near electrical equipment should at least know the common safety rules.

ITC Learning’s electrical safety training course is the ideal way to get your employees up to speed. Our classes will ensure that your employees can identify the electrical hazards, avoid exposure to those hazards and understand the potential results if exposed. They will also be able to understand the dangers of electrical shock and flash/arc blast.

ITC Learning knows that most electrocutions can be avoided with proper training, preparation, procedures and equipment. For instance, the course also provides training in lockout/tagout which is a procedure that can be used to help reduce the death and injury rate caused by the unexpected energization or start-up of machines.  After successfully completing our electrical safety course, your employees will be better qualified to safely perform the tasks and procedures necessary to conduct their work.