Why Manufacturing Training Pays

It may seem that manufacturing training costs more money that your company is willing to spend. The truth is money spent training your employees might be more beneficial to your company than you realize, especially in the years to come. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the aging manufacturing workforce, there will be less skilled workers going into the manufacturing industry.  This is clearly the time for companies to start training their own skilled manufacturing employees.

Training usually increases the efficiency and productivity of both your employees and the equipment. A manufacturing company that has less equipment failure, reliance on outside consultants to resolve issues, and fewer accidents in the workplace will also save money on those expenses.

ITC Learning offers manufacturing classes in a wide range of subjects. We know that the training your manufacturing employees require is dependent upon the nature and responsibilities of their jobs. This is where ITC Learning’s web based skills assessments comes in handy. It can test the knowledge of your employees to gauge their current proficiency level and identify specific areas that need further training.  For instance, an employee whose duties include using predictive maintenance as a tool for prolonging equipment life and preventing major problems would benefit from lessons in vibration analysis, methods of extending bearings life, lubricant and trend analysis, and many additional subjects beyond the principles and practices of predictive maintenance.