You’re Never Too Old

Young people can no longer accuse adults of not being savvy with the Internet. According to, online learning is rapidly becoming a popular method used by adults to receive a secondary education. As far back as 2000, 39% of the total number of students participating in online education programs was above the age of 25, so just imagine how many more are learning online today. In our current economy, online learning is making it easier for employed adults to continue working full-time jobs while enhancing their skill set to become more competent and dynamic.

For those who may be worried that the quality of the education is sacrificed for convenience, think again. According to a 2006 report from the Sloane Consortium, Making the Grade: Online Education in the United States, 62% of academic leaders polled rated the learning results from an online education as equal or superior to those from face-to-face learning environments.

With this evidence at your disposal, not only do you now know of an ideal way to improve your career, but you’re also armed with some substantial statistics to use against the next young person who questions your computer literacy.

– ITC Erin