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Pneumatic Power

Mechanical Skills

This comprehensive interactive multimedia training program consists of one lesson that trains participants to identify system components, read schematics, and understand the conditions necessary for the proper operation of a pneumatic system.

Audience: This program is excellent for training mechanics, electricians, and operators as well as for the multi-craft needs of process and manufacturing facilities.

Number of Courses: 1

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Pneumatic Air Treatment

Prerequisites: This lesson is designed so that no prior knowledge is required. However, a knowledge of basic mathematical operations is recommended.

Description: This lesson is designed to provide an overview of pneumatic systems and how pneumatic components relate to produce useful work output as well as explain how system components function and the conditions necessary for proper pneumatic system operation.


  • Describe the purpose of pneumatic power
  • Differentiate between pneumatic and hydraulic power
  • Describe why pneumatic power is used for certain applications
  • Define the laws that relate to pneumatic power
  • Identify pneumatic schematic symbols
  • Describe the effects of moisture on a pneumatic system
  • Define dew point
  • Describe how temperature and pressure affect dew point
  • Describe the purpose of an aftercooler
  • Describe how refrigeration, regenerative and deliquescent dryers remove moisture from compressed air
  • Describe how system piping is designed to control moisture
  • Describe the importance of filters in a pneumatic system
  • Describe how filters are rated
  • Describe the design and use of surface and depth filters
  • Describe the purpose and operation of a filter-separator
  • Discuss the purpose of manual and automatic drain valves
  • Describe the purpose of a regulator
  • Describe potential regulator problems
  • Describe the purpose of a lubricator
  • Describe the purpose and advantages of an FRL
  • Describe the purpose of a compressor
  • Describe the purpose of a receiver