“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”  (Lee Iacocca)

 We’ve all heard the expression, “Good ideas are a dime a dozen!” 

And, so they are!  But, too many of them prove of little value, simply because the premises behind them are not thoroughly examined.  If the more important questions are not asked –- the more important answers are never found.

Therefore, it is not the “good idea” but the execution of a good idea that can bring results.  Effective implementation is far more important to an organization than is “the good idea.”

Within training departments, success or failure of a good idea resides in the ability to understand, motivate, and adapt the learning initiatives to the workforce to-be-trained rather than in the technology!

Who are these people you’re asked to train?  How do they best learn?  What motivates them?  Etc., etc.

Your training initiatives, if successful, must fit inside their dominant learning culture — and, today that learning culture is video, graphic animations and gaming —- delivered, primarily, on smartphones, tablets and computers.

E-Learning — the latest and learning technology — is the current example of a good idea.  Yet, why do more than 65% of learners never complete most e-Learning courses? 

Because too many of our current e-Learning examples are not designed to match our modern learning culture.  

Most of the presently available e-Learning courseware fails to embed multi-sensory media (full motion video, graphic animations, gaming and optional word-for-word audio) within the content.  Instead, they are more often rooted in written words, sentences and paragraphs (i.e., converted PowerPoint presentations). 

No wonder that most of the current e-Learning examples fail to do the job! 

PowerPoint presentations are inappropriate for learning.  At best, they are merely examples of information transferal.

Good ideas are a dime a dozen — we need to examine the premises upon which they are based.

Implementation will be your key!  

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      — Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning

          March 29, 2017  (Mondays & Wednesdays)



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