October 12, 2016

We often overlook one of the more important attributes of well conceived online learning — individualized instruction.

Yet, we all recognize that our trainees bring different learning styles into the learning experience.  Some read quickly and some more slowly.  Some learn by “seeing” the skill being performed while others can readily conceptualize it.  Some learn best while having the written portions read aloud while others prefer to read silently.

Of great importance today is the growing emphasis on individualized instruction.  Tardily, but not too late, we are finally beginning to acknowledge that there are myriad learning styles out there.  An awareness that “Reading—Testing—and, Traditional Classroom Lecture” is not the only way is essential if we are going to reap the learning-rewards that multi-sensory media and online learning offer us.

 Dr. Bernard J. Luskin in his book, CASTING THE NET OVER GLOBAL LEARNING, has written, Developing and applying new theories is currently helping us understand the complexities of why some people learn and others don’t, and how individuals may be stimulated or persuaded, influenced or taught.  There is growing interest in using media effectively to help people correct deficiencies, achieve personal growth or simply feel better or more satisfied by their accomplishments.  It is in the context of this rationale that the importance of understanding the nexus of media and behavior is emerging in the fields of psychology, medicine, learning, politics, and commerce.

One quote from his book is particularly relevant.  Luskin writes, The use of interactive multimedia can emulate the individualization which we desire.  Identification of specifics in relation to this way seems mechanical, but in reality is profound.

There will, rightfully, be more emphasis on individualized instruction as our learning technologies continue to evolve.  But, of ultimate importance, is learner control in order that the trainee can select those delivery options that best meet his/her learning needs.  Among other individualized design choices, you will find that video, graphic animations and optional word-for-word audio are all essential.

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       — Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning  (Mondays & Wednesdays)

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