May 16, 2016

“  .  .  . Interactive media is the integration of digital media including combinations of electronic text, graphics, moving images, and sound, into a structured digital computerised environment that allows people to interact with the data for appropriate purposes.The digital environment can include the Internet, telecoms and interactive digital television.

No wonder it is difficult for new entrants to understand.The important concepts to hold on to are ‘interactive’ and ‘media’ across a range of ‘delivery channels’ or ‘platforms’.  .  .  .“  

(excerpted from “Interactive Media— What’s that? Who’s involved?” by Elaine England and Andy Finney)

And, so it is today with Industrial Skills Training!

Maintenance and Operations training for America’s workforce has never been more necessary.  And, the opportunities for more effective interactive learning have never been greater!


Because the evolving video-based learning technologies have made more and better learning a reality, while increasing retention —- resulting in better on-the-job performance and increased profitability.

Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, and Instrumentation training are all better attuned to job and task applicability today.

We’re going to need these better skills, too, as processes get more complicated and multi-craft training continues to evolve.

Well-designed media rich training — grounded in full motion video, sophisticated graphic animations, gaming and optional word-for-word audio — will help American industry regain its competitive edge.

Media rich technologies have reopened the doors to productive learning.

Kelda Richards (primary/secondary education specialist in the UK) in one of her popular postings, “What is Media Rich Learning?” has clearly grasped this transition:

“ .  .  . Media Rich Learning means different things to different people. To me it is a reflection of our ever changing, technologically driven society. If we do not engage with new technologies, and use high quality multimedia resources in our classrooms, we are not really providing our students with a rich learning environment.” 

Today, the choice is simple.  Embrace the learning culture of your workforce (media rich content available to them daily on smartphones, tablets and computers) or your organization will be left behind.

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      — Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning  (Mondays & Wednesdays)

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