March 2, 2016

 What are the largest costs associated with any training initiative?

The trainee labor costs are, by far, the single biggest cost factor!

With few exceptions, labor costs exceed all the money you may have invested in vendor courseware and/or instructors — combined!

And yet, there is an effective and easy way to minimize those labor costs and, at the same time, dramatically improve your training initiatives.

The shortcomings of traditional methods to keep up with rapid change, as well as the demands of the global marketplace, require a more targeted approach to training.

The need for a proven approach to upgrade skills, within budget and just in time to achieve business success, are the major challenges facing organizations today.

The need to use a targeted approach to provide the right training — to the right learner — at the right time — in the right modality — is the challenge.

And your best answer, if you want to better control training costs and time wasters, is an online skills assessment test.

Online skills assessment tests can:  identify skill gaps, define the required skills, assess an organization’s training needs, and assign the right type of instruction to a specific task by skill level.  In sum, it can eliminate the costly training regimen of an “every worker takes every course” approach.  And, that means saving big bucks!

It’s where you should begin.  Every organization should start here — before they move forward with any new substantive training initiative.

It will significantly cut training costs, minimize trainee time-waster attendance, and better prepare your trainees for improved on-the-job performance.

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             — Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning

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