November 9, 2015

Is there any way you can make a better selection than multi-sensory instruction?

No! You can’t!

Not lectures — not textbooks — not equipment manufacturers’ written operating instructions — not computer-based training (CBT) — not reading-based e-Learning (i.e., repurposed PowerPoints) — not even hands-on with “Ol’ Charlie!


Multi-sensory learning, with an emphasis on full motion video (or animations), is the best way to train — hands down!

If you want your trainees to learn necessary skills and, even better, retain that learning for a longer time, full motion video and/or animations are the “winners and undisputed champions!”

Every study comes up with the same conclusion!


Because today’s learning culture centers on televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets (all of which rely heavily on video and animations for communication).

That’s the way people choose to learn today and the results prove its effectiveness.

Retention is extended and skills are acquired more readily.

Like it or not, reading has been replaced by full-motion video and animations as the primary ways to achieve skills acquisition.

Learners can interact consistently with multi-sensory training making the courses more arresting while, at the same time, increasing comprehension and retention.

In the process, training time requirements are drastically reduced — by as much as 70%.

In short, you should be looking for multi-sensory designs with an emphasis on full motion video and/or animations.

They’re out there and available in a growing number of e-Learning choices. (“Growing” because repurposed PowerPoints, ineffectual for learning, are being shelved and replaced with multi-sensory designs.)

Full motion video and full motion graphic animations are today’s keys to effective learning! They reflect modern communication preferences just as print materials once did.

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— Bill Walton, co-Founder, ITC Learning (Mondays & Wednesdays)


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