August 24, 2015

When we examine technology training today, the prevalent e-Learning courseware does not measure up to its previous analog predecessors (CD-ROM and IVD).

Full motion video and graphic animations, combined with optional word-for-word audio, have proven to be the best way to communicate with our Generation X and Generation Y workforce.

Current e-Learning models do not meet that standard .

But, knowledgeably-designed interactive technology training can incorporate it all.

It can be a true, individualized interactive learning system because the learning takes place almost entirely through interaction and active involvement with the multiple media presentation.

Today, it is difficult for many people to learn how to perform a skill by reading about it.

Nearly forty percent of our workforce does not comprehend anything written above a 4th grade reading level!

Unfortunately, much of today’s e-Learning is reading-based and many examples are nothing but repurposed PowerPoint presentations or repurposed written procedures.

Information-transferral at best —- but, training they are not!

Too many current e-Learning examples approach the archaic and do little to advance skills acquisition.

On the other hand, with well-designed interactive e-Learning, the trainees first learn by seeing, in real time, the skills being performed — and then, in order to fortify the learning, they practice those skills via interactive simulations.

The goal of skills training is to improve the trainee’s on-the-job performance.

Multimedia-based e-Learning will meet that test.

It will focus on enhancing skills performance and retention. (The theoretical knowledge needed to properly perform a task is included, but the focus is always on the task — not the theory.)

Users of well designed multimedia-based e-Learning will be able to control their own path through each lesson. They are free at any time to skip over material they already understand — or, for better comprehension, repeat any portions they choose.

Multimedia-based e-Learning, rooted in full motion video and/or graphic animations, is the absolute best way for you to achieve learning retention and skills enhancement in your workforce!

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— Bill Walton: co-Founder, ITC Learning
(Mondays & Wednesdays)