August 3, 2015

What makes e-Learning so unpopular with trainees today?!?

Why do almost two-thirds of trainees fail to complete most e-Learning programs?!?

Why do repurposed PowerPoint adaptations lead the list of ineffectual e-Learning?!?

The following will give you a good idea of the answers to those three questions:

1) Page-turning programs are the ultimate killer. If people want to learn by reading, a book is a far better way to go. Page-turning courses are boring — which is why more than 60% of learners never complete such programs. Plus, 40% of our nation’s workforce does not comprehend anything written above a 4th grade reading level.

2) A linear instructional design will also petrify your learners. Effective e-Learning includes instructional branching as well as total learner navigational control.

3) Partial, paraphrased, or no audio will eliminate close to half of the learners assigned to an e-Learning course. As we’ve seen in previous postings, “Optional Word-for-Word Audio” is the only way to include everyone, be they fluent or less-fluent readers.

4) E-Learning that is not grounded in full-motion video and/or graphic animations fails the modern “learning culture” test. Your trainees have grown up in a television/smart phones/tablets/computers learning culture —- and, that’s what they demand from their training. Real world simulations!

5) An unfriendly user interface will turn off your learners. Rather, you should expect a knowledgeably designed “home screen” that will allow the learner to access any feature with a single mouse click.

Your trainees want to learn.

If you have included a “What’s in it for them?” motivational component they will be eager to acquire new skills.

Your task will be to avoid the e-Learning that fails!

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— Bill Walton: co-Founder, ITC Learning
(Mondays & Wednesdays)