March 9, 2015

A few years ago, Thomas Heath, writing in THE WASHINGTON POST devoted his column to a story, “McPadnet owner reveals secrets to her sales success” that featured a Karen Edwards.

It’s a most interesting story as Ms. Edwards practices much of what we have been advocating for several years: “a consistent atmosphere of ‘mutual trust’ with a salesperson-partner.”

Each of you needs to find a professional salesperson, whom you can trust and with whom you can partner, in order to increase the success-chances of your own training initiatives.

A genuinely professional salesperson cares deeply about the products and services she sells. She cares equally about your success, her prospective customer-partner.

Of course, most salespeople who call on you will be peddlers, interested only in “making the sale,” and selling you “only what they’ve got in their suitcase.” Their knowledge of training is limited to the “features/benefits pitch” they memorized at corporate headquarters. And, their only goal is to make more commission on the immediate sale, rather than taking the longer-term view of a continuing relationship.

But, that is not true of every salesperson you encounter.

The true sales professionals understand words like trust, accountability, and continuing service. The professionals will “walk away” before selling you something that they know you don’t need. In short, a professional salesperson will be as committed to you and your needs as he will be to his own “selling mission.”

In his POST story, Heath has written that Edwards reported that her sales trick is being direct, reliable and creating a close relationship that her clients can’t live without. “You build their trust. I made unbelievable relationships that I still have.”

A professional salesperson will always deliver on his promises. And, long after the sale, will continue to stay in touch to make certain that you are still happy and free from any problems his products or services may have caused you.

Don’t try to go it alone with your training initiatives. A partnering professional salesperson will be worth her weight in gold. Together, you can explore solution choices that will profit both you and your organization.

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— Bill Walton: co-Founder, ITC Learning (Mondays & Wednesdays)