September 11, 2013

“’How much will it cost?’ It’s one of the first questions asked by anyone looking to start an online program. The answer, of course, is neither easy nor straightforward.

E-learning is a business activity. It has a value to the business, a start-up cost, and running costs. The costs must be managed if the program is to stay within budget and yield an adequate return on investment.” (excerpted from “eLearn Magazine,” July 2009, by Howard B. Schechter)

However, cost is not your only consideration!

If you are thinking about starting an e-Learning initiative — or, you are experiencing disappointing results with the e-Learning initiatives you are currently implementing — there are other, equally valid success-criteria that must be examined.

Not to worry! It’s time to look at these other challenges that must be navigated if e-Learning is going to provide the positive returns your organization expects.

First, and foremost, for e-Learning to succeed it must have top management “buy-in.” No initiative is going to be very successful if it is not wholeheartedly endorsed by the leaders within your organization. If, on the other hand, your management regards e-Learning as a “something to do if there’s sufficient time” activity, chances are it will fail.

Secondly, is the e-Learning you are contemplating designed for the modern learner? Today’s learner expects multimedia instruction. They grew up watching television and gaming production techniques and they expect the same in their media instruction experiences.

Most importantly, is the e-Learning you are using rooted in a video or gaming simulation design (accompanied with optional full audio)?

Are the words and sentences incorporated appropriate for the more than 40% of the workforce that do not assimilate learning written above a 4th Grade level?

Thirdly, have you checked the e-Learning content with a subject matter expert in your organization? Does the content promote the necessary skills for the tasks to be assigned? If not, it’s a waste of time and money.

E-Learning can be the future for your organization. But, only the e-Learning initiatives that meet these three criteria (along whatever cost restraints are placed on your efforts) will give you the payback your organization expects.

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— Bill Walton, Founder
ITC Learning (Mondays & Wednesdays)