Are you tasked with strengthening your organization’s training program through the purchase of E-Learning courseware? In today’s world that is going to be difficult to do — if learning and retention are your ultimate objectives.

Oh sure, you can purchase courseware “titles” that purport to address your needs — but, in most such instances the content presentation will be far removed from the learning culture of most of your trainees.


Today, the E-Learning marketplace is full of junk. Adapted PowerPoint presentations; adapted written procedures; “slide” shows without audio; words, words, words on almost every screen. Very few individuals will learn anything from those “imposter” E-Learning courses. They’re rubbish! They confuse the buyers because the titles sound good but, in actuality, they offer you little in return. They are titles without substance. They are worthless exercises in boredom for the trainees.

So, what does work?

We know that the latent benefits of knowledgeably designed E-Learning offer learning advantages unknown before in the training world. Unlike other training choices, we know that E-Learning is available 24×7 to everyone, from everywhere with access to a high speed connection. We know that E-Learning can be the most cost effective learning tool available. And, we know that knowledgeably designed e-Learning can speak in the language of today’s learners — the critical determinant in making your purchasing decisions.

So, what should you be looking for when challenged with developing a new training initiative for your organization?

You can start by looking for the following attributes in any E-Learning courseware you are considering:

 The Learning is primarily rooted in Full Motion Video, Simulations and/or Gaming
 The User-Designed Interface for Navigation-Ease is on a Single Home Screen
 The Course has Optional Word-for-Word Audio Capability for the Less-Fluent Readers
 The Content is divided into Short Modular Lessons to eliminate the risk of boredom
 The Course contains Efficient-Sentence-Use per Screen (the absence of paragraph-writing)
 The Content is Accurate and Complete
 The Instructional Design communicates with the Learning Culture of your trainees
 The Course doubles as a “Help Desk” so that you can enable “Just-In-Time” training

When you find all these features, you will have found a winner! You will have made the choices necessary to increase learning and improve retention for your organization. Just avoid making “title” choices. And, concentrate on the content presentation when making your selections.

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— Bill Walton, Founder, ITC Learning
www.itclearning.com/blog/ (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
e-Mail: bwalton@itclearning.com