Along with Adam Kovic, my friend and colleague at ITC, I have just returned from two most stimulating weeks in the Middle East. As guests of Dubai-headquartered Human Capital Management Solutions (HCMS), we visited Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE during the first week, holding meetings in the private sector as well as with several universities. The bulk of week two was spent in Doha where HCMS was hosting their second annual “Training and Development Conference, Middle East.”

In addition to ITC the other companies invited to participate in that Doha Conference included: Video Arts (UK), Speexx (Germany), InterAction Training (Australia), Intuition (Ireland), UL-PureSafety (USA), and Protomation (The Netherlands). As it proved to be last year, the exchange of knowledge and ideas between vendors and attendees was exceptionally stimulating. Technology training is achieving great footholds in the Middle East and, of equal importance, technology education is an accepted part of one’s curriculum.

I would definitely refer you to the website for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology https://www.kaust.edu.sa/ While you are there, take a virtual tour of the museum https://museum.kaust.edu.sa/

I must also acknowledge the dozens of wonderful people that Adam and I encountered everywhere and, especially in Saudi Arabia. What a treat! I look forward to the next time and consider myself very fortunate to have had the experiences I enjoyed so much these past couple of weeks. Interesting countries and cultures with as friendly a people as you could hope to find anywhere.

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— Bill Walton, Founder, ITC Learning
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