For most of the training requirements within your organization, effectively designed and produced generic courseware will meet your needs. However, you will occasionally require specialized custom programming designed to address items that are specific to your organization’s procedures, policies or specific equipment.

What should you look for?

To begin, you should select a producing organization that has a long track record of creating similar multiple-media training programs for their customers. And, they should be able to demonstrate samples of such programming for your analysis.

Secondly, you are looking for a custom vendor that specializes in adult education – an organization that realizes what it takes to motivate and train adults in their own simulated environment. Above all, a vendor that realizes that media training (rooted in full motion video and optional word-for-word audio) is ultra important to 40% of the American workforce who do not read above a 4th Grade level.

You’re also looking for a vendor that is fully capable of determining what training needs exist and how best to address them — a vendor thoroughly steeped in responsible task and skills analysis. In short, a producer that knows when to call in subject matter experts for specific expertise in a particular area, and how to gather the necessary information, presenting it clearly and logically to the learners.

Your vendor-of-choice should be able to demonstrate that they understand the importance of remediation, so that the learning can be completed successfully. That vendor should also understand training as a just-in-time resource that can be used efficiently whenever and wherever — after the initial instruction has taken place.

If you pick the right custom courseware producer you should, then, be able to cut your workers time-in-classroom by 50-70% which, of course, gives you a relatively quick ROI on your custom courseware investment.

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— Bill Walton, Founder, ITC Learning
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