From time to time it is a good idea to examine the other companies competing with your organization in the same market segment. By carefully making an unbiased assessment of your competitors you can learn a lot.

What force separates the winners from the losers in your market space?

The same force that has shaped survivors throughout history — their response to change!

Since the beginning of time, it has been those who have learned to adapt to change who have prospered.

How does an organization acquire the skills and knowledge to meet the challenges posed by change?


A successful company needs managers and planners who can comprehend the potential of the changes taking place around the organization — and can then, successfully, utilize that potential by capitalizing on those changes in order to advance their organization’s goals.

It follows that a successful company needs skilled employees at many levels to implement those changes in business strategy, operate new technologies, and keep any revised procedures performing profitably.

There is no longer a question of whether to train. Today, the question is how to provide training that is both effective and efficient.

Effective training is results-oriented. It starts with a company’s goals and works through the organization to define and construct a system that delivers the desired results.

Selecting a quality training program requires both a knowledge of content and an understanding of how to best communicate that content to a workforce that has grown up in a media-based learning culture.

Combining quality training initiatives with the most efficient delivery medium leads us today to a video-based solution — designed by knowledgeable instructional designers and controlled by the individual learner. CD-ROM and certain E-Learning solutions will meet those needs — but, only if they have been constructed around full motion video and word-for-word audio.

Whether you build it yourself or purchase your training solutions from a responsible vendor, multi-sensory instruction will help your organization successfully navigate the troubled waters of change. Your company will then gain greater market share along with increased growth and profitability.

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— Bill Walton, Founder, ITC Learning
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