Welcome to my first blog of 2012! I hope that each of you enjoyed your very special holidays!

With the New Year in mind, let’s kick it off with an emphasis on the continuing — and, growing — emphasis on the training technology of choice!

Throughout this year, E-Learning is singularly poised to positively impact all aspects of one’s business. It is uniquely capable of making significant contributions to employees, management, shareholders and customers. Organizations now have a learning tool that can improve attitudes, skill levels, communications and the bottom line.

How does E-Learning manage to do all this? Well, if the courseware has been instructionally designed to train (rather than to merely inform) and if the courseware reaches across the various individual learning styles and cultures (full motion video and optional word-for-word audio), no other communication tool can begin to touch its benefits.

• Employees can attain competency levels in less time, which leads to greater productivity. E-Learning that makes use of full motion video and optional word-for-word audio addresses the needs of everyone, be they fluent readers or learners who rely more on media-rich experiences.

• E-Learning is available 24×7 (from anytime, from anywhere, and from any place with a high speed internet connection.

• Uniform content can be delivered consistently and — most importantly with a well-designed program — the benefits of just-in-time learning are always available. This aspect of E-Learning is especially valuable because it can double as a help desk or quick reference long after the initial formal training has taken place.

• Combined with an on-line assessment tool that allows you to tailor your training to skills gaps, E-Learning delivers significant savings in employee time-in-classroom as well as associated travel costs.

We’re going to witness more of this continuing evolution in technology learning in 2012. And, as long as you stay away from the reading-based examples of current E-Learning, the rich paybacks you, your organization and your trainees receive will be the rewards.

More on Thursday—

— Bill Walton, Founder, ITC Learning
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