Today, you have two effective ways to deal with your training challenges. One, of course, is to adopt video-based e-Learning, a slowly emerging learning solution. It is slowly emerging because of internal bandwidth limitations within most organizations. The video may be PDA-sized right now — but, full screen video is not far from becoming a practical reality.

However, your second option is even better in today’s wired environment. As you know, many organizations have invested heavily in CD-ROM courseware over the past decade. Today, in some ways, that investment seems limited in the face of e-Learning pressures. However, it need not be that way. You’re now able to come back and get a second round of heightened value from that initial investment.

With the new digital networking developments, it now becomes possible to purchase digital networking platforms that allow you to play newly-digitized CD-ROM content across your internal networks. And, even better, all the scoring can now be successfully ported into your SCORM-compliant LMS.

If you choose to commit to that most affordable conversion you will find yourself possessing a markedly superior learning solution to almost anything current e-Learning solutions can offer.

As we all know, full motion video, showing real plant environments with real plant personnel working on real plant equipment, provides the learner with the best user-controlled, interactive way to acquire new skills. When full motion video is designed into a training program, studies show that participants increase understanding by more than 50%, resulting in greater learning gains. Participants also demonstrate 25 to 50% higher content retention (far and away, the most important goal of training), and 50-60% greater consistency in content understanding. Full motion video is the king of learning!

No longer are physical CD-ROMs required as the courseware has been digitized. Administrative data is now centralized on your LMS — and, the reports are lightning quick for the same reason.

Of course, a few of the advantages of e-Learning are not attainable, chiefly portal access from anywhere — at any time. But, in terms of the learning values imparted to your workforce, it’s going to be hard to beat digitized CD-ROM as the most effective training solution in today’s learning environment. And, the cost is more than competitive.

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— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning