Let’s begin today with a series of questions — questions that you should think about and answer truthfully before we talk about solutions.

1) Is your organization getting healthier?
a. If applicable, is the export/import ratio shifting positively?
b. Are your earnings healthier?
c. Is productivity increasing?

2) What is happening to the “training function” within your organization?
a. Is the traditional “student/teacher” (“lecture/reading”) relationship changing?
b. Is the role of “visual aids in the classroom” changing?
c. Is training getting more corporate management attention — and, dollars?

3) What means the most to your organization?
a. ROI?
b. Share Price?
c. Growth?
d. Earnings?
e. Market Share?

4) What effect could “change in performance” have on any of the above?
a. Downtime?
b. Scrap?
c. Abseteeism?
d. Overtime?
e. Benefits Knowledge?
f. Selling Skills?
g. Communication?

If your answers to these questions are satisfactory to you and to your organization, there is no reason to read further. But, if you are looking for improvement in any of the above, the following will give you insight into the “positive prescription to re-direct performance” that state-of-the-art training can make today.

1) Today’s training should be “Performance-Based!”
a. Job-Oriented Content!
b. The primary focus is on Performance Objectives!
c. The training is user-controlled with Built-In Practice!

2) Today’s training should be “Learner Oriented!”
a. It is based on “Multi-Sensory Media” instruction!
b. It must have “Optional Full Audio Support” for poor readers!
c. It must have an “Intuitive Interface!”

3) Today’s training must be “Accountable”
a. It must have “Integrated Testing!”
b. It must provide for “Automatic Record Keeping!”

4) Today’s training must be “Customizable!”
a. It must provide for “Facility Specific Information!”
b. It must allow for “Customized Testing!”

Effective training and learning must be more than the organized teacher-led group environment we’ve known in the past. It must become a process that fully accommodates the uniqueness of individuals. And it will only achieve that goal when “intimidation,” a natural by-product of group instruction, has been erased. Multi-sensory media instruction, that is both user-controlled and educationally interactive, is uniquely positioned to serve as that ultimate eraser.

The “Learning Genie” is out of the bottle — and, not even Aladdin can put it back!

More on Thursday – – – – –

— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning