Learning is not merely memorization of information. Learning is the mental response to informational stimulation, which turns into reflection and new awareness. Meaningful learning initiates action and change, which results in heightened values and skills.

Very few individuals will possess the gifts necessary to create meaningful instructional design. And that fact, coupled with high production costs, is why the “do-it-yourself” purveyors will fail.

Today, learner-controlled e-Learning is the best answer for effective media training and education. Thousands of effective learning programs exist in multiple learning disciplines and are available at a reasonable cost.

Tomorrow, more effective e-Learning programs will be available as corporate infrastructures evolve, allowing compressed video to be transferred seamlessly throughout the system.

However, the real answer is that none of the current e-Learning solutions, by themselves, will provide any lasting solutions to the real needs of training and education. Platform technology, alone, will never be able to match the results obtained from a one-on-one master mentor-apprentice relationship. Platform technology, alone, will never be able to match the results obtained from a master teacher facilitating in a classroom of motivated students.

Take your choice. Teaching is either an art or a highly developed skill. Few people can teach well. And, since it follows that few people can create effective instruction, few e-Learning programs will ever teach well. The presumption that just anyone can teach or that anyone can design an effective e-Learning training or education program is not only flawed — it is dangerous.

But! —– since the number of master mentors and master teachers is disappointingly small, multi-sensory designed e-Learning remains the best choice for most trainees and students striving to learn and to acquire skills — provided those programs have been designed by the few who understand the immense power of media learning.

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— Bill Walton, Founder of ITC Learning